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Books by Chandra Moyer


I Met Her Before: A Novel Based on a True Story

The story is told from Army Major Marcia Thompson’s perspective as an adult, beginning with her resurfacing memories of a traumatic childhood that are triggered by the removal of her two adopted children from her home—all because Marcia expresses concern to their social worker about the children’s behaviors that indicate previous abuse. As she tries to come to terms with losing the children, Marcia is swept into her own past through flashbacks and nightmares that terrify her and concern her husband, Tony.

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Tragically Taken

Chandra Moyer’s compelling book exposes the downfalls of the Nation’s Foster Care system. She stresses the urgency for Foster Care reform to provide real help and real hope to abused and neglected children. 


Chandra shares her own personal experiences to spark a movement for change, inspiring readers to move from just being informed bystanders to being active advocates for change.

Pure Wells

Are you comparing yourself to your friend’s lifestyle, appearance, relationships, or talents? Only to feel frustrated and unhappy that things don’t seem to be working out in your life? Comparison is a thief of joy and is a steppingstone to jealousy. Learn how you can break free of jealousy and live the life of your dreams. 

God Speaks while you sleep.jpg
God Speaks While You Sleep

Dreams can provide new perspectives and creative solutions when you open yourself up to receiving them. Learn how your dreams can bring powerful messages and endless possibilities to change your life. 

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