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Dream Coaching

The coaching method creates a safe atmosphere where clients can focus on the solution to life's challenges. Coaching appointments can be made in person, by video chat or by phone. 
Learn to identify your purpose and develop your goals. Chandra assists you, identifying areas in your personal or professional life that are keeping you from achieving the next level of success. Then she works with your own strengths, knowledge and expertise, so that working together a plan of action is created and implemented to reach clearly defined goals. She will help you break your current barriers and more!

All successful people struggle with confidence. Each time you move to a higher level of responsibility and opportunity, you “start at the bottom” of your current skill set and experience. This often results in a crisis of confidence. As a Professional Life Coach, I work through a proven process to help individuals realize their full potential, create or underline a firm foundation of self-worth and self-esteem, and operate with a full measure of CONFIDENCE! No matter the area you need to focus on to reach your goal, I can help you get there.

Discover your connection with the Divine. Do you want to change your life by changing the way you function on a deeper level? By identifying limiting beliefs that hold you back, you are then able to get rid of them. Replacing the beliefs with God’s truth helps you to dream forward. Chandra will show you how to remove barriers that prevent you from creating the life you were born to live.

Life Coaching is a process of assisting you with self-discovery, self-awareness, growth and reaching new goals. Coaching is about empowering you to find your answers from within that can impact your life in a transformative way. I will partner with you to discover the challenges that are blocking your path to success and happiness. Together we will develop an action plan and acquire skills that are needed to bring positive change into your life. 

Chandra revealed things to me she couldn
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