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Reader's Favorite Five Star Review by Jennifer Ibiam.

I Met Her Before by Chandra Moyer is a novel inspired by true events. Marcia had beautiful kids, a promising career, and a doting husband. The couple adopted two kids, Jenna and Drew, who made their lives complete. When Jenna showed signs of trauma from sexual abuse, Marcia and Tony wanted to help her.


Unfortunately, social services pulled the children from the couple's home and buried the case instead of offering a solution. The children’s exit activated a chain of events that shook the foundation of Marcia's existence.


Through dreams, memory flashes, and nightmares, Marcia discovered she was also a victim of sexual abuse by her family. But to what extent? Follow Marcia on her healing journey as she delves deep to unearth that little girl who overturned Pandora's box.


I Met Her Before by Chandra Moyer is an intense read based on facts. I had to brace for impact and threw expectations out the window in the fourth chapter because my emotions were raw.


Chandra told a tragic yet hopeful tale in such a transparent way that I knew it took guts. It hurt that the ones who should have protected her were complicit in the abuse with their silence and denial.


However, Marcia was a strong woman whose walk with God was steadfast. She was sensitive enough to hear God's words through every act, occurrence, environment, object, and more.


Also, I always love a woman who is willing to fight the gender and racism war in her career instead of shrinking back for others to shine. This novel is emotional and a big helping hand for incest/sexual abuse survivors. Write more, Chandra! 

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