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Understanding Your Dreams

Dreams have the power to change the course of our lives. They can heal us, shift our focus, save us, impart knowledge, and change the course of history. What are your dreams telling you?


Dreams have guided and impacted Chandra most of her life. In 2007 she launched her first dream interpretation workshop, and the impact on individuals’ lives was life-changing. 


Chandra incorporates Dream Interpretation with life coaching sessions for clients who are interested in learning how their night dreams connect to their life dreams. Night dreams can contain solutions to everyday challenges, bring healing, and more. 


Chandra desires to help individuals explore their night dreams and discover how they can move forward and step into them. There are many dreams that we have at night that can point us to our life dreams. By helping people to understand their dreams she hopes to help them live more fulfilling lives. Click here to check Chandra's video's on dream interpretation.


“Very good message! Would you consider using live video on Facebook so as your talking people can tune in live and ask questions etc? I’d tune in!”


“WOW…you just blow me away with the gift you have in dream interpretation. Truthfully there are only a small number of people out there that can truly interrupt things from a Godly perspective and YOU are one of them.”

Great information for those desiring to learn what God is saying to them in their dreams. I have been in many of the dream interpretation meetings with Chandra and God always showed up big time. Many revelations were brought forth through dreams shared.”

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