God Speaks While You Sleep

Spirit travel and teleporting are controversial topics among Christians. Many quickly dismiss it as New Age. Yet the Bible displays many situations where this happened. Most of my encounters have been private with the Holy Spirit. However, twenty years ago things began to change.

Initially, when I first began traveling to different places while asleep, I wasn't sure what it meant. I didn't have a name for it, and no one I knew was talking about it. I thought I was only dreaming except these encounters were different and often spilled out into reality. I received assurance from God when I read stories like Elijah taken up to Heaven in the whirlwind. Then another one of Phillip teleporting after telling the eunuch about the good news of Jesus.

I learned that I couldn't share my experiences with just anyone. It's essential when you have a Divine encounter to surrender it to Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach and guide you. Search the scriptures to find similar examples that will confirm your experience is from your Heavenly Father. Sometimes it's hard not to share it with a friend. You're so excited and thrilled with the heavenly encounter. It's so much easier to ask the Holy Spirit who to share it with rather than getting your feelings hurt when someone diminishes your experience.

Since that time, I have met people over the years that have had incredible encounters where the Holy Spirit translated them.

One friend was raising her hands in worship when she shot up out of her body to find herself standing on this white concrete facing an unusual building she'd never seen before. When she returned to her body, it rocked her world. She shared her experience with her husband. One day she was in a bookstore and picked up a book on Israel. As she flips through the pages, she exclaims to her husband, "This is where I went!" Pointing to the picture of the Dome of the Rock. Soon afterward, her husband received military orders, moving them to Israel. She had many prayer assignments during the three years.

A dear sister I met while living in South Korea was translated to North Korea during a time a prayer. Linda was walking among the N. Korean army while they were goose-stepping. She described their uniform in detail, having never seen it before. She was taken by the Spirit several times to N. Korea in visions to pray for that nation.

I had a dream where I was walking towards a prison. I walked past reporters, camera crews, and media trucks. I was amazed. No one noticed me; it was like I was invisible. I walked past armed guards into the prison towards an inner cell. I reached a cell where a woman sat hunched over alone.

The Lord led me there to comfort and strengthen her. I began praying in the Spirit. She was afraid yet drawn by the Spirit of the Lord. It was as if she knew I was there. I worshipped the Lord in dance, and she joined from behind. We began to soar upward in the Spirit caught up in a glorious whirlwind. I knew Father was calling her home. I awoke from the powerful dream encounter, still feeling God's presence. I wondered who this woman was and why I dreamed about her.

The following morning my friend called me. "Chandra, are you watching the news about Karla Faye Tucker?"

"No, I'm not," I responded, walking towards the TV.

"Turn on your TV––you've got to see what's happening! Terry Meeusen co-host of the 700 Club and thousands of others are praying that Governor Bush commutes Karla's execution."

I turned on the TV and couldn't believe my eyes. The prison with all the media trucks was where I went in my dream encounter!

"Chandra, Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm still here."

"You got to pray that Governor Bush cancels the execution."

"I can't. The Holy Spirit took me to Karla last night. God is bringing her home. There are no words to describe the glorious ecstasy that awaits her."

Later that evening, Karla Faye was executed for the gruesome killing of two people. Her conversion to Christianity inspired a significant national & international movement to commute her sentence to life imprisonment. Jesus is always loving and forgiving. But He is also a God of justice. There are times when consequences to wrongdoing cannot be changed. Isaiah 61:8 For I, the LORD, love justice…

There was more to this encounter with Karla than I knew at the time. Often our experiences with Him are multi-faceted. Three years later, I was invited to lead a workshop at Healing for Your Heart Conference hosted by Terry Meeusen co-host of the 700 Club. The guest speaker Linda Strom had published her book the previous year, "Karla Faye Tucker Set Free: Life and Faith on Death Row." Linda was Karla Faye's spiritual advisor and close friend for eleven years. Her message about her relationship with Karla Faye was inspiring.

I had the opportunity to meet Linda over lunch. As we chatted, the Holy Spirit said, "I want you to share about your encounter with Karla." I hesitated a moment.

Then I said, "I know this may sound very strange to you. But I feel I need to share my encounter with Karla." After sharing my story, Linda held my hands and cried.

"Thank you so much for sharing. I needed this so much." She had prayed and believed God would commute Karla's sentence. Karla's execution left her devastated. To my amazement, God was healing Linda's, broken heart.

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