Listen to Your Dreams

My first desire to visit Africa came through a dream. There I stood on African soil rescuing children. I would live out that dream fifteen years later when an NGO invited me to Uganda as a spiritual mentor to work with trafficked victims. I helped war-affected youth to heal from trauma.

Bummed I didn't go on a Safari as I had hoped, I sat at the kitchen table a couple of weeks later, telling God my disappointment. Then, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, "But you will go."

During that time, I had also become an empty nester with all of my children leaving home. As a result, I felt a solid nudging to attend graduate school at George Mason University to study human trafficking.

I met a lady at the nail salon the first week I moved to DC. We had several things in common. First, Jacque returned to school after her adult children left home. Secondly, her husband was also retired Army.

When she asked about my profession, I told her I was a minister and about my previous year's travels to Africa. She leaned in and said excitedly, "I was so worried about moving to Africa. But since hearing your story, I feel much better about going. You see, my husband has just got appointed as the Ambassador to Tanzania by President Obama."

I couldn't believe my ears. It shows you never know who you're meeting and how they will influence your life.

"I have several state department meetings to attend, she continued, "but I'd like to meet with you privately before I leave." So we set a date.

A few days later, something came up, and she canceled our meeting. However, I felt strongly in my spirit that Jacque was a divine connection and the door to my safari. So I told the Lord if this was his arrangement to compel her to make the meeting happen.

My daughter Ashley wanted to go to the commissary to buy groceries the following Saturday. Initially, I was resistant. I prefer not to shop on the weekends because of the crowds. But Ashley convinced me to go.

As I pushed my cart down the aisle, the Ambassadors wife came straight towards me with a cart full of groceries. Her eyes opened in surprise, and she said, "I've got to make this meeting happen with you before I leave. Can you meet tomorrow evening?"

That meeting started this new relationship and set the stage for me to visit her. After that, we kept in contact, and I mailed certain foods to her, like grits, that she couldn't buy there.

A year later, I traveled to Tanzania with two of her other friends, and our host graciously welcomed us into her home for three weeks. We felt pampered having a Chef prepare our meals each day. Again, Jacque showed us a fabulous time. We went on the adventure of a lifetime to the Ngorongoro crater safari and traveled to Zanzibar.

During my time in Dar Es Salaam, I had the privilege and honor to meet Justa Mwaituka, Director of Kiota Women's Health and Development Organization. This agency rescues girls in vulnerable situations such as prostitution, child trafficking, and those who are homeless. I was blessed to share parts of my testimony with the young women.

Often dreams in our hearts start as tiny seeds. As we nurture and work on them over time, they grow into beautiful tomorrows.

Yet, in the process, our desires can fade when life's challenges overwhelm us. But God is faithful to bring them to our remembrance. He will allow situations to happen that will change the course of our lives to align with the desires in our hearts.

So when you find a dream in your heart, don't let it go. Instead, offer it to God and breathe on it in prayer. Then, in the fullness of time, your dreams will come true.

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