Racism's Impact Part 4

Yep that's me making the face.

White supremacist culture makes you hate yourself as a person of color. It makes you want to be someone other than yourself.

My husband bleached his skin to try to make it white as a young boy.

I had absorbed the cultural norms that my voice doesn't matter as a black woman and that I should remain silent. I've stepped away from that lie


I started finding my way back to love this part of me thirteen years ago.

I stopped getting relaxers in my hair and have worn natural hair ever since. I had worked so hard to make whites feel comfortable at the cost of losing a part of me.

Created in the image of God, it brings Him joy when we accept how He made us. The different colors of humanity reflect an aspect of His glory.

I found my voice in the Spring of 2020 by writing about my racial experiences. It's time to speak the truth and shine bright for His glory!

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