Reclaim the Dream of You

Dream forward is creating the life you want to live and taking the action steps to get there. But in finding your authentic self, sometimes you need to reflect and sort out who you are and where you are in life before you can move forward.

One of the greatest gifts to give yourself is to know who you are at the core of your being, along with the ability to LOVE yourself. You carry something within you that the world needs, and it's magnificent. Created in God's image, your essence reflects His glory. There is no one else on this earth like you with your unique skills and talents.

However, many of us lost who we are and the dreams we hope to be because of the negative experiences and messages we received from the people that were supposed to love and protect us.

What was the dream you had of yourself as a child? Before anyone told you that you couldn't be. You and I had personalities before anyone came along and told us how to be or act.

How do you know the narrative you're telling about yourself is true? How do you know it's not someone else's story that's imprinted on you?

Growing up, my parents told me that I was too sensitive. I heard that response to my tears over and over again. When you hear something so many times, you begin to believe it.

I thought my tears showed weakness, so I hardened myself to take on the world. During a session with my therapist, she asked, "Can you think of a time when you felt compassion for someone as a child?"

"I remember feeling so sorry for a little girl who was crying because her easter basket was empty," I paused, picturing the memory. "I walked over to her and asked if she would like some of my eggs. I gave her half of my eggs."

"Compassion is inside you, but hurt covered over it."

That's when I realized that my sensitivity was a gift and where my desire for social justice started. It took 37 years before I unraveled the lie and discovered the truth. Breaking the cycle was life-changing for me.

Compassion is a gift from God that releases power to heal others. Sensitivity is your superpower, not a sign of weakness.

It's so important to know who you are. Why? The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value.

How many of us have lost parts of ourselves because of trauma or abuse? The good news is that we can find and reclaim them. Remember that you are more precious than rubies and worthy of love.

I would love to hear from anyone willing to share:

As a child, what did you dream you'd become?

What activities made you happy as a child?

What part of yourself would you like to recover?

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