The Power of Female Friends

I was reflecting on the remarkable women who touched my life when I was a young Mom raising kids. I appreciate the women's bible studies and other support groups that influenced my life throughout our military career. I wouldn't have made it without their love, support, and prayers.

There's nothing like a conversation with a friend who understands you.

I love my husband, and we complement each other but, he's from Mars, and I'm from Venus. God created men and women differently. Meaning we think differently, act differently, and solve problems differently. So, I still need my girlfriends!

I tell young women, don't drop your girlfriends when you find a man. You will still need them after you're married. You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect your man to meet all your needs. Because he can't, he's only human. Only God can.

You will still need other relationships to help you through life.

Deep bonds with strong females gave me emotional and mental strength to get through hard times and celebrate the good times. They have helped shaped who I am.

I am honoring two remarkable women today, Kathy Cleveland and Laura Carlton. Both whom I love and admire for their service to others and resilience.

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