When Cupid's Arrow Strikes

I'm celebrating forty-six years with this fantastic guy who has stayed by my side through thick and thin. And we keep choosing each other.

TP caught my attention at freshman orientation. He was a sophomore taking summer classes. He was tall and handsome with an athletic build, that spelled sexy in my vocabulary. Love-struck with Cupid's arrow from the moment I first laid eyes on him, I was on the hunt to track him.

A month later, when I arrived on campus, I couldn't find him. I didn't know the freshman class came two weeks earlier than the rest of the students.

I was walking with my roomie and a couple of guys one day when I spotted TP off in the distance. Striding in our direction, I nudged my roomie and whispered, "That's the guy I told you about looks like he's heading our way!"

As we got closer, one of the fellas shouted, "Hey, TP!"

"I can't believe they know him," I giggled, linking my arm in hers.

He walked towards us and struck up a conversation with the fellas. I just gawked at the most attractive man my eyes had ever seen. After a few moments, I interrupted to introduce myself. TP turned to me with his charming smile.

From that moment on, I looked for opportunities to bump into him. Please don't ask me how I got a copy of his class schedule, but I knew where he would be. I made sure to run into him in the cafeteria, student center, library, and the pool. And yes, I swam circles around him. But he was still oblivious. Eventually, we started dating, and four years later, we said, "I do."

I'm grateful for the life we built together. Sheltering in place and social distancing is giving us time to reflect on our future. And I see limitless possibilities.

Our marriage is a testimony to God's goodness. He is faithful, showing love to a thousand generations!

I am excited about doing life together for many more years. I love you, TP, with all my heart. Happy 42nd Anniversary TP-COVID style.

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