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Why Creative Journaling is Healthy

Recently I was asked by a new friend if I journaled often. That question got me thinking. I decided to pull out most of my journals and stack them up. I realized that I had journaled a lot over the decades. Hmmm, I might be a journal junkie.

My husband has often said that if you don't want Chandra to write about it, don't say it. That's not entirely true. But I have been known to pull out messages and stories from my journals over the years to help others. They are creative tools used for many reasons. Here are five benefits of keeping a journal.

Where Dreams are Born

On the eve of publishing my first book, I would discover an old journal I hadn't seen in decades. My teacher gave me that diary as a birthday gift in the sixth grade. That's when I started journaling about boys and all the other fun things I did with my friends. I had written inside the cover, "One day when I get old, I'm going to write a book. "I was ten years old when I penned that in my diary. I had forgotten my dream for 34 years. 

Once again, that dream surfaced as I wrote about our story of losing two adopted toddlers in Tragically Taken. I saw the emotional turmoil in that little girl, and it brought back memories of abuse I had suffered as a child. My book stresses the urgency for Foster Care reform to provide real help and real hope to abused and neglected children.

Desires and dreams are often born when we write them down in a sacred space where there is no judgment.

Helps with Problem Solving and Healing

My journals have been a gift. When I went through a very dark season in life, my journal was a life-line. It was the only place I could express my emotions and hidden memories besides my therapist. I didn't even trust myself to speak them, but they could flow from my heart to my pen and land in a safe place. Often when I had finished, the pages on my journal were smudged with teardrops, making the ink run. They were an instrument in the healing process.

I wrote stories about the struggles and joys of raising my children over the years. I would have lost them if I hadn't written them down. It's a treasure when I pick up an old journal and read those precious moments.

Captures Your Dreams

God has blessed me with a gift. I dream a lot and have received divine messages for myself and others. I have received guidance, emotional, and spiritual healing through dreams that have had an incredible impact on my life.

So my journals have provided a place to write them down no matter how outlandish they may seem. It's incredible when the reality of the dreams come to pass. You can learn more about how your night dreams connect with your life in my FREE eBook God Speaks While You Sleep.  

Build Self Confidence

Regular journaling can boost your self-confidence. How? You’re able to look back and see the tactics and tools you have used that brought you success. God has given me promises that I can look back on to remind me when my confidence is waning.

I recently had a dream where the message reminded me of an old dream I had years ago. I searched for it and found it in a journal dated 1994. Yep that long ago! The neat thing it keys into the new book that I’m publishing next Spring. It gave me the confidence boost that I need for this time.

Helps Get Things Out of Your Head

Journals help you get things out of your head onto paper. I don't know about you, but sometimes my thoughts are just jumbled up inside. To get clarity, I need to get them out. Let your journal help you explore your heart's desires.

An idea is just a dream until you write it down, then it's a goal. Writing your goals forces you to get clear on what you want to accomplish. You are more likely to achieve them if you write them down.

I'd love to introduce you to my new friend Nicole Annette @jouneljunkey who helps heart-centered women journal with intention to become more self-aware and intentionally take ACTION in life & business. I love her saying, "that journaling is your "road map home," and that your writing will guide you to where you need to be."

I have found that to be true in my life!

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