Your Dreams Matter

I had been a stay at home mom for many years. I was in my 40's when I started a non-profit to help women heal from sexual trauma and published my first book.

I enrolled in graduate school in my 50's. Overwhelmed with the amount of work, I wondered, how am I going to make it? All my classmates were my daughter's age, yet they accepted me in their tribe. I became a mentor to them and had a blast. At the same time, they taught me so much! Ok, so I needed help with how to wear my hair natural among other things.

After graduate school, I founded a non-profit that offered training on the prevention of human trafficking. I was honored to receive an FBI award for our work.

Now here I am in my 60's, a Mimi, life coaching, speaking and getting ready to publish my second book. The point is whatever your dreams–you can make them happen. First, you will need a plan and support. Second, it's essential to know the timing of your venture.

Many times I struggled, can I do this? I had to remind myself with God, all things are possible. Some days you'll feel lost and other days like a failure. But don't quit. When it gets hard, you'll second guess yourself asking, "why did I sign up for this? Keep going. I post this for every girl or woman out there who want to give up today. Don't. Your dreams matter and are worth pursuing. You're worth it!

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