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Chandra is a seasoned and accomplished speaker with the ability to tailor her message to your event theme. 


Mary’s Home could not have asked for a better Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies for our Annual Gala.  On stage she seemed effortless, keeping the flow and timing of the program like a master conductor. Her charisma was evident, as was her ability to keep our guests engaged. She invested time in our program, getting to know our families that we serve, and was so very kind and thoughtful with them.

Presentations Skills Training


Presentation Skills Training is an interactive workshop that engages each participant. It equips one with the tools to build a successful presentation and to speak with confidence. 



"Loved the training. It helped boost my confidence level to a higher degree. I feel like “wonder woman” LOL  Awesome! I think it is effective as is. I actually gained a lot from the two days in the workshop. Two thumbs up."

"All of the presentations contained good information about their subject and how it affected either the agency or personal life. Great for team building and networking." 

"Wonderful trainer I learned a lot! This is great for team building as well as public speaking. Thank you for the course! It gives a greater appreciation for your jobs and others!!"

"Great team building! Awesome and fun!"


Child Trafficking Training

A former CEO of a non-profit, Chandra educated communities about the signs and causes of human trafficking. As a result of her efforts, victims were identified and provided services.




"Your interest and dedication to the health and safety of  Virginia's children is evident.  Your participation has not only affected school health personnel, but will impact the students, administration staff, and communities of those in attendance." (Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education)."


"All school staff or Board of Education staff should be required to here this training every year or the beginning of the school year." 


"On behalf of MAHN, I would like to thank you for your eye-opening presentation and information about human trafficking. I think I can safely speak for all of us who attended that you have increased our awareness of this crisis by 200%!"(Maryland Association of School Health Nurses)." 

Rosemary Trible, Founder Fear 2 Freedom

It was an absolute honor to host Chandra as our guest speaker at Christopher Newport University (CNU) Shadow Event. She is a dynamic speaker and bravely shared her story of overcoming sexual abuse. She inspires others to move from fear to freedom. 

Dr. Carletta Perry, Professor, Coach

Chandra Moyer is a life changer! She brings healings with her words, her stories, and her expertise. She challenges us to become a part of the change we want to see


Kimberley Roche, Ex Director

I received so much praise about Chandra! Many were moved by Chandra's testimony and the sheer presence she exuded. People loved her!