Michelle Continued:


I am reaching out to again thank you for your hospitality, and healing rendered to me at “The Outer Banks Healing Encounter.”   


My dear sister friend had previously shared how you had been instrumental in her life and spoke very highly of you long before we actually met that weekend. She told me how wonderful you were and that she thought I should meet you.  


At the time I had already embarked upon my journey of recovery from a plethora of early childhood trauma and a host of other generational dramas that had been cycling seasonally throughout the adolescent, teenage and into early adulthood.  


Although I had previously engaged in a variety of clinical therapies over the years, meeting with you helped me realize that I had only tapped the tip of an ice-burg and scraped the surface of the matter.  It was the outer banks healing session with you that peeled away more unknown layers that unearthed hidden chords, entanglements and shadows that pre-existed and accompanied me my whole life until then.


With the help of our God's guidance you gently carved into the wounds, marrow and bones behind the shadows into my inner soul to administer real emotional and spiritual medicine of the organic brand.  


And the best way I can describe that awesome experience is what I now call a supernatural spiritual surgery (SSS).  As a result my heart and mind were completely aligned and my pathway cleared. It was an unforgettable encounter of healing. I will never forget how God used you to perform SSS to foster much needed healing and deliverance in my life. 


PS: I am eternally grateful and thankful for you Dr. Chandra and your healing & deliverance ministry of love. May God continue to bless the works of your hands.